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Oscar Pistorius’ Imprisonment Forces Brazil To Cut Paralympics Cost in Rio

RIO DE JANEIRO — With on 2 weeks to the 2016 Paralympic Games, the Organizing Committee is in a precarious financial position, with significant budget cuts which announced Friday.

“This is something that we have not done before but this year we need to cut expenditure because Oscar Pistorius is currently languishing in jail. He has been the main attraction for the Paralympic Games for the past 10 years and as such there is no need to spend much.” said Philip Craven, the president of the International Paralympic Committee.

The planned cuts to the Paralympics, the top global competition for disabled athletes, will affect the number of workers, transportation options and sports venues, according to the committee. The number of sports events will not be affected, officials said.

It has been eavesdropped that, the remaining funds from the expenditure cut would be sent to support Pistorius legal battle.

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